Platform-based Managed Portfolio Service

Model-based Managed Portfolio Service for clients of Independent Financial Advisers through a suite of risk-rated strategies.

Managed Portfolio Service Plus

This service comprises model-based portfolios designed specifically for individual client requirements with more flexibility. 

Bespoke Portfolio Service

The management of bespoke risk-assessed portfolios that are designed to meet a client’s personal requirements as agreed with them and their Financial Adviser.

Wealth Manager Monitoring

Vintage Asset Management is able to help if you would like to consider a strategy across a number investment houses to mitigate concentration risk, or to address any preferences you have such as socially responsible investments or access to a private banking relationship. For further information please contact Darren Hymos


Monthly Fund Factsheets, Investment reviews, news and client risk profile questionnaire all available here. For historical fact sheets or information please contact Darren Hymos