Bespoke Portfolio Service

We offer the management of bespoke risk-assessed portfolios that are designed to meet a client’s personal requirements as agreed with them and their financial adviser if involved. The service is across five core mandates from Cautious through Balanced to Growth, with a higher-risk Equity Growth portfolio which a client might use to enhance potential returns.

We offer income variants as required and the efficient, flexible management of income needs is a prime focus. We are able to accommodate a client’s preferred holdings, in areas such as socially responsible investments, and we can also help to manage a transition in a portfolio which has capital gains tax considerations.

We manage individual accounts including ISAs as well as funds for pensions (SIPP, SSAS or QROPS), companies and Trusts, and charities when required.

We enjoy communicating with clients who are able to speak directly with their fund managers. We hold review meetings quarterly or as agreed to review markets, portfolios and prospects.  We provide clients with standard quarterly valuation reports and online access to valuations, as well as our own monthly and quarterly reviews of markets.

Our standard fee rate is 0.75% of assets per annum which is usually liable to VAT; we offer a discounted rate based on tiers of £750,000 down to 0.375% on combined funds over £2.25m. We do not hold client assets directly and instead make use of a third party custodian and administrator, who charge a base rate of 0.15% p.a. of assets.